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Our family has been producing textiles since 1750. Our passion for hand-made carpets manifested itself in 1945. Our love for handcrafted carpets has remained right up to the present day.

From the beginning of our history, it was clear that fair and sustainable thinking and actions are our top priority. This means: creating beautiful, contemporary, natural and top-quality products that can be tailored to the needs of individuals and keeping them satisfied. This applies to both our customers and the people creating our
products. People are at the centre of everything we do – this is the guiding principle of our actions. Whether in our headquarters in Germany or in our workshops.

Our company is a member of STEP. Label STEP Fairtrade Carpets is an international organisation which is not only committed to fair trade with handmade carpets, but also ensures improved living and working conditions, e.g. with the help of development projects. STEP is also committed to fair prices which enable fair wages, the prevention of abusive child labour, independent production control and environmentally production methods. From dyeing and spinning of the wool through felting and twisting to weaving and knotting – the entire production is in our hands. This closed added-value chain provides the assurance of achieving the best quality at a high ecological level. You as a customer always know exactly where your product is coming from, who made it and how it was produced.

As living spaces vary considerably, as does every individual, you can individually select the carpet of your choice in the structure, colour and size that suit you best. Whether for a loft apartment, a house in the country, a child's room or the "parlour" –
every carpet is individually made for you – by hand.

Fine workshop-made carpets with soul - a harmonious interplay of your choice, our product idea and the wealth of experience of our team in Germany and in the workshops. A product made by people for people

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