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loft pebbles 332 b

Lively carpet structures in new wool

Our carpet collections are hand-woven from 100% best new sheep wool. From sheering the sheep, right up to the finished carpet, the dyeing and spinning of the wool, right up to the weaving, the entire production is in our hands. The closed added-value chain provides the security of achieving the best quality at a high ecological level. The new wool is generally dyed prior to spinning. In order to maintain the typically blended yarns, flocks of wool are spun together with one another in different colours. A wick made of jute ensures the necessary stability. The milling is a finishing process, which reinforces the surface structure of the wool through movement, water and heat. The wonderful result: highly hard-wearing and easy-care carpets.

Be friendly to the earth

-Dalai Lama-

The careful quality selection of renewable raw materials, such as wool and jute, is the best precondition for gentle further processing. All wools used are protected from moth damage and pest infestation prior to spinning. The Eulan agent used is certified according to “Eco-Tex Standard 100” and is characterised by a high level of environmental compatibility. Heavy-metal-free, strictly controlled quality products from Switzerland protect people, the atmosphere and water during dying. Of course, we ensure that no children are involved in the work process. The production of a “studio P” carpet is also friendly to people and to the Earth.